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Quinoa Processing Equipment

Quinoa Processing Plant

Quinoa Processing Plant

Basic Details: Used for milling quinoa


Basic Details

1.Bucket Elevator is mainly used to transport quinoa in complete processing line.
2.The magnetic separator is to remove iron, iron pin from the material.
3.Vibrating Screen is specially used for separating the impurities from quinoa.
4.After cleaning, quinoa will be transported into Proportion Stoner to separate the stone.
5.Next, the quinoa into the Hulling Machine to remove the shell.
It can separate the shell from the paddy husk mixture through the suction effect.
6.Paddy separating screen
7.Quinoa peeling machine 
8. The quinoa that has removed the shell will be into the Polishing Machine.
The machine is mainly used for cleaning the quinoa to make them look brightly. It is one of the key processing millet.
9.Friction polishing machine is mainly used to make further the polishing.
10.Suction separator used to separate hull,dust and other impurities.
11.Out from thesuction separator ,the quinoa into the Color Sorter to get more high quality quinoa, black quinoa and break quinoa will be passed
12.Finally,we will use the automatic packing machine to pack the rice.

production line3

Packing & Delivery

Packing: Plywood case & Shipping container

Delivery: 30 days after the confirmation of the order




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